Kate Kitchen will be teaching a course on Creativity and Mindfulness with Lisa Schmidt at Haliburton School of the Arts:

Of value to both emerging and established artists, this is an opportunity for personal discovery and transformation of your creative life through mindfulness-based practices, group coaching, individual reflection and writing exercises, as well as forays into photography and collage. Explore who you are as an artist through language, imagery and periods of stillness, as well as consider how to nurture yourself through creative droughts and disappointments, and build the supports and community that sustain a long creative life . In combining both inner and outer exploration – and inspiring, focused discussions with your peers – you will tap into the inner well of memory and experience to surface the images and stories deep inside you that result in artistic output that is personally meaningful, and also resonates deeply with others.


Tapestry Detail

Ask any tapestry artist and she (or he) will tell you that weaving tapestries is the sublime combination of craft and art. Time spent at the loom flies by, while the work itself proceeds at a snails pace. And we wouldn’t have it any other way. A sign on the door of a tapestry studio in New Zealand said it all, "It’s not patience. It’s passion."

Welcome to my virtual gallery. Please enjoy – now and as I add new work in the future.

And I would love to hear your thoughts –about my work and about this ancient and beautiful art form.


Kate Kitchen is a tapestry artist who lives and works in Toronto and Haliburton County, Ontario.